The History and Types of Rocking Chairs

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Old is gold, rocking chairs made their existence back in the 1710s and to date still holds a greater perspective in the globe due to their unique design.

The History of Rocking Chairs

The first rocking chair’s appearance was in 1725 in England. Though the inventor was unknown, it’s alleged that Benjamin Franklin was the creator of the rocking chairs. Whereas history has it that it existed way back in the 1710s before his birth.

The rocking chairs were popular in Europe before their spread throughout America with the help of the shakers, whose intention was to give enjoyment to its people. In the mid-18th century, where it had already gained popularity in America, it symbolized the middle class among the people.

Benjamin Franklin is marked as the inventor due to a large rocking chair in his library. This is where he popularized it, and people knew of the rocking chair.

Types of Rocking Chairs

We have rocking chairs that are made from England and others from America. They have slight differences, and both were made at different times. Below are the different types of rocking chairs.

  • The folding was first made in the 1870s but became popular among the American in the 1920s. It’s best known to be foldable where the back falls to the seat.
  • Boston – this uses a black oak frame that blends with carved flowers. It has a slightly upcurved seat to give comfort.
  • Ladderback it has a long back that is horizontally designed. The back, which is tower-like, helps one maintain an upright posture when sitting.
  • Bentwood it was first made in the 1800s in Austria by Michael Thonet. It has a unique design where it has swirling frames and plush cushions.

We have many types of rocking chairs from Europe and America, where they have similar designs and offer the same purpose.

Home décor furniture chairs can be very stressful to choose the best that will suit your interior but consider a blend of rocking chairs, and you will achieve a glamorous and elegant decor. The rocking chair is a vintage decoration that will bring back the feeling of peace with the past. The rocking chair will help you achieve an upright posture and assist your health by allowing the excellent flow of blood to the body. Oxygen is sent to joints that have congested, giving you relief and help ease the pains and the flexibility of the muscles.