Four Best Ways to Use Space Under the Stairs

The void under a staircase sometimes tends to look boring. However, you can spruce up this space and make it functional and beautiful at the same time. The best part is you do not have to break the bank for it. Here are a few clever ways to utilize space under the stairs: under stairs storage.

Create a Sitting Nook

If you have sufficient space, one of the best under stair ideas is to create a sitting area. The sitting area can serve as a reading nook, a rest area, or, if the staircase is close to the door, a place to sit as you switch from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes. Depending on the amount of space available, you can add a bench, a small sofa, or wingback chairs. To complement the area, you can add throw pillows, a fleece blanket, or a rug for extra cozy.

Create an Under Stairs Storage Area

You can never have too much storage around the house. Storage is among the most popular under stairs ideas that people opt for. You can use this space to store shoes, create a simple coat closet, store cleaning equipment, and more. Since most staircases are close to the entrance, the space is ideal for under stairs shoe storage for easy reach when leaving or arriving. Storage under stairs can be open or hidden depending on the house’s design. If you prefer hidden storage but do not want to renovate further, you can have simple shelves, then use baskets, jars, and plastic containers to hide any items you want to store. It helps to have an organized under the stairs space.

Washer and Dryer Storage

As part of under stairs storage ideas is the option to place your washer and dryer here. It is a clever way to utilize all the space in the home, especially if you have limited storage. Doing so helps free up space in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry areas, which you can put to other use. You can also use under stairs storage for other smaller electric appliances such as a steamer or vacuum cleaner.

Under the Stairs Library

Organize your books in style by transforming storage under stairs to a library. You can never go wrong with this as all you need is shelving, and you are good to go. It works in big and small spaces creating a beautiful and functional way for all your books. You can also check out Tylko’s guide ( on under stairs storage ideas for any home.

Importance of Rocking Chairs and the Impact It Holds

Are you looking for an elegant chair to boost your interior décor? Choosing the best furniture can be very stressful, but the rocking chair has various advantages for your home and your health.

There are many types of rocking chairs from Europe and America, but they all have similar designs and serve the same purpose. The different types include:

  • the folding rocking chair
  • the Boston rocking chair
  • Bentwood rocking chair
  • Ladder-back rocking chair

The rocking chair is home furniture that has lots of benefits to the human body and health. Apart from offering comfort and luxury, it also makes your home look classic and stylish. Below are some of the benefits that are rocking chair accords;

Offers Full-Body Relaxation

Rocking chairs are the best place where you can get comfort and peace. The swirling of the chairs makes one relax and unwind, acting as a relief for stress and a hectic environment. Relaxing reduces stress disorders, which are linked to declined immunity and general well-being. The rocking chair indirectly treats anxiety from post-traumatic stress disorders and insomnia.

It Helps Ease Back Pain and Arthritis

The chair maintains a good flow of blood to the whole body, and oxygen is sent to congested joints, giving you relief and help ease the pains and the flexibility of the muscles. The backbone is neurotransmitters and receptors; when it is relaxed and maintained upright, it reduces the response to inflammation and static nerve pain and regulates functions like appetite, sleep, and other immune system responses.

Gives Comfort to New Moms and Babies

The rocking chairs first were intended for hospitals. It helps new moms and babies get comfort. They get comfortable without much straining and struggle. For the babies, it helps them fall into sleep easily due to the back and front movement.

Improves Your Balance

The rocking chairs have a great sense of balance and make one comfortable when seated. The different types of rocking chairs give other forms of pleasure—for instance, the ladder back, which provides you with an upright posture. The rocking chairs have outdone the other home furniture since they exceed comfort class elegance, class, and style. If you only looked at it as an ancient seat, it’s more than age and class.